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Avid Chronic Racing

Avid Chronic Racing
Owners Kris Cobb
Cordell Cahill
Michi Hoyer
Team Principal Michi Hoyer
FSR Debut Season 2014

Avid Chronic Racing (ACR) is a simracing team based in the United States. It is currently owned by Americans Kris Cobb and Cordell Cahill and German Michi Hoyer.

ACR's debut season was in 2014 when it was renamed from the Slitex Racing team led by Robert Rudholm. ACR own the #2 ISR Club License previously owned by GT Omega Racing, owned by and sister team to Precision Motorsports.


Avid Chronic Racing was established as a console racing team in 2009. It soon came to be one of the top tier teams in console racing, focusing on CodeMaster's F1 titles. 2012 saw an expansion of the team, and the team itself focused on developing drivers.

In 2013 the team expanded to Formula SimRacing, first driving part-time in 2013 under the Slitex Racing banner, then taking over full-time in 2014 with teams in all three divisions. ACR bought the GT Omega Racing license to establish a full-time presence in the World Championship.

Championship Results