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 ====== Formula SimRacing ====== ====== Formula SimRacing ======
-**Formula SimRacing** (FSR) is a worldwide simracing ​league ​that hosts multiple ​divisions. ​ The top division, The [[world_championship|World Championship]],​ is one of the most prestigious simracing ​championships ​in the world.+**Formula SimRacing** (FSR) is an international sim racing ​league. It is owned and organised by the International SimRacing Club which was founded in 1999. The first season of the league was in [[2001wc|2001]]. Currently, the racing simulation game rFactor 2 is being used for all events.  
 +FSR has hosted up to five divisions ​in the regular season, but normally hosts three.  The top division ​is the [[world_championship|World Championship]], ​and is one of the most prestigious simracing ​divisions ​in the world
 +FSR hosts a series during the winter break named the [[winter_series|Winter Series]]. ​ The champions of Winter Series usually gets a free Drivers'​ License for the following regular season. ​ Winter Series is open and free to race.
 ===== History ===== ===== History =====
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 ===== Links ===== ===== Links =====
 +==== Internal Links ====
 +  * [[world_championship|World Championship]]
 +  * [[ace_championship|ACE Championship]]
 +  * [[pro_championship|PRO Championship]]
 +  * [[adv_championship|ADV Championship]]
 +  * [[ama_championship|AMA Championship]]
 +  * [[winter_series|Winter Series]]