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 Welcome to the **Formula SimRacing** Wiki! Welcome to the **Formula SimRacing** Wiki!
-<WRAP group> +**ISR Club**
-<WRAP half column>​ +
-columns +
-<WRAP half column>​ +The International SimRacing ​Club organizes the events held by [[Formula SimRacing]] (FSR).
-**ISR Club Teams**+
   ​   ​
-  * [[Precision Motorsports]] +FSR [[World Championship]] License Holders: 
-  ​[[Avid Chronic Racing]] +  ​ 
-  ​* ​[[GhostSpeed Racing Team]] +[[MadCape Racing Team]] 
-  ​* ​[[Twister Racing]] + 
-  ​* ​[[NetRex Grand Prix]] +[[Avid Chronic Racing]] 
-  ​* ​[[Ash Racing Team]] + 
-  * [[Origin Front Row Racing Team]] +[[GhostSpeed Racing Team]] 
-  * [[Eventa Simracing]] + 
-  * [[Scuderia Basilea]] +[[Twister Racing]] 
-</​WRAP>​ + 
-</​WRAP>​+[[NetRex Grand Prix]] 
 +[[Ash Racing Team]]
 +[[Origin Front Row Racing Team]]
 +[[Eventa Simracing]]
 +[[Scuderia Basilea]]